UNITED LABELS AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview UNITEDLABELS AG is one of the leading producers and marketers of licensed comicware products in Europe. The company is engaged in the design, product development, marketing and distribution of consumer products that are based and licensed on popular international comic brands. The company was(…)


BHW HOLDING AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company is a privately held firm that is engaged in the management activities of holding companies. It conducts its business from its registered head office located in Hameln, Germany. The company is principally involved in holding the securities or other equity interests in(…)


M4E AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview m4e AG is a publicly quoted company specialised in developing marketing and distributing high-value brands and intellectual property rights (IP-rights). Due to its credo “made for entertainment” m4e is working in the fields of sports-, entertainment-, brand- and personality rights. The company acts as the(…)


RENTURA AG Previous company name ZKB PHARMA VISION AG Name change date 1/10/2005 Company Overview Rentura AG is an investment company that invests in participations which are active in pharmaceutical and other related industries. Formerly known as ZKB Pharma Vision AG, the company was established in 1988 as Pharma Vision AG. The company’s headquarters is(…)


AGOR AG Previous company name NORDAG AG Name change date 7/7/2003 Company Overview AGOR AG is a Germany-based industrial holding company engaged in the aluminum industry. The company’s main focus is the production and marketing of products that are recovered from aluminum salt slags. It was created from the merger of NORDAG AG and B.U.S.(…)


BWT AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview BWT AG is an Austrian company engaged in the provision of water technologies. It is registered as a publicly quoted company and listed in Vienna Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered in Mondsee, Austria. It was founded in 1823 by A. Benckiser. The company has(…)

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