COMTRADE AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview COMTRADE AG, with head office in Hamburg, is a Germany-based firm which functions as a management holding company for its three wholly owned subsidiaries COMTRADE Trade & Finance GmbH, COMTRADE Mobilien Leasing GmbH and COMTRADE Systems GmbH, which are engaged in the provision of information(…)


HAMATECH AG Previous company name STEAG HAMATECH AG Name change date 8/4/2006 Company Overview HamaTech AG, formerly known as Steag Hamatech AG, is a global supplier of system solutions for producers of optical storage media and the semiconductor industry. HamaTech is also engaged in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the production of optical(…)


A.I.S AG Previous company name LOESCH UMWELTSCHUTZ AG Name change date Company Overview A.I.S AG is formerly active in the utilities sector and engaged in the processing, recycling and disposal of hazardous waste for the industrial, commercial and public sectors. The company is headquartered in Kцln, Germany’s fourth largest city. It is formerly publicly traded(…)


WINTERTHUR TECHNOLOGY AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Winterthur Technologie AG, Zug is an international public company involved in the management activities of holding company, as well as in the production of bound and flexible abrasives for various industries, primarily in the automotive, tool-making machine and steel industry, principally in Switzerland and(…)


ZANDERS FEINPAPIERE AG Previous company name Name change date Company Overview M-Real Zanders GmbH is a private company based in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. The company is engaged in the production and distribution of paper goods and other related products. M-Real Zanders was founded in 1829 in Bergisch Gladbach. M-Real Zanders is one of Europe’s leading(…)


KOFLER ENERGIES POWER AG Previous company name RHEIN-RUHR ENERGIE AG Name change date 1/21/2010 Company Overview The company operates as a Germany-based energy company, which specializes in the provision of energy to private, industrial and corporate clients in the country. Its business activities are the acquisition and delivery of electricity and gas, the optimization of(…)

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