SAMT CO.,LTD. Previous company name Samtek Corporation Name change date 8/2006 Company Overview SaMT Co., Ltd. is a public company based in Korea that is engaged in the manufacture of semiconductors. The company was incorporated in June of 1990. It was formerly known as Samtek Corporation and changed its name to SaMT Co., Ltd. in(…)


SOLCO BIOMEDICAL CO.,LTD. Previous company name Solco Surgical Instruments Co.,Ltd. Name change date 2/2000 Company Overview Solco Biomedical Co., Ltd. is a publicly quoted company engaged in the manufacture of surgical instruments and orthopedic implants in Korea. The company has its registered office located in Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. It was established as WOO-IL Industrial(…)


GEMVAX & KAEL CO.,LTD. Previous company name KAEL & Company Co., Ltd. Name change date 11/2009 Company Overview KAEL Co., Ltd. is a Korean-based public company engaged in the manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing machines. The company was established in March of 1998. It was formerly known as KAEL Environment Institute Co., Ltd. and changed its(…)


UNID CO.,LTD. Previous company name KOREA POTASSIUM CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Name change date 8/1995 Company Overview Unid Co., Ltd. is a Korean publicly quoted company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of potassium-based chemical products for electronics, medicine, and food additive industries, together with products for semiconductors and reagents. The company was founded as Korea Potassium(…)


SILLA SG CO.,LTD. Previous company name Silla Seafood Co.,Ltd. Name change date 3/2010 Company Overview Silla Seafood Co., Ltd. is a Korean publicly traded company that focuses on the processing and production of seafood products and meats. The company was incorporated in August 1977. Its shares are listed on the KOSDAQ Market Division of Korea(…)


MANIKER CO.,LTD. Previous company name Dae Yeon Food Ind., Co. Name change date 11/1998 Company Overview Maniker Co., Ltd. is a South Korean company, which is primarily engaged in the production of processed chicken and meat products. The company, with registered head office located in Gyeonggi, South Korea, was incorporated in September 1985. Maniker Co.’s(…)

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