STONINGTON CAPITAL CORP Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Stonington Capital Corp, with registered office address in Toronto, is a Canada-based public company engaged as an investment company. The company, formerly Known as Coastal Group Incorporated, was incorporated in the year 2002. The firm specializes in the provision of investment and financing services.(…)


SANSWIRE CORP Previous company name GLOBETEL COMMUNICATIONS CORP. Name change date 9/24/2008 Company Overview GlobeTel Communications Corp develops and provides an integrated suite of terrestrial and aerospace telecommunications products and services such as telephony services and wireless solutions. The company’s registered business headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. GlobeTel’s telephony services include prepaid calling(…)


NIPPO CORP. Previous company name NIPPON HODO CO., LTD. Name change date 10/1/2003 Company Overview Nippo Corporation is a public quoted company engaged in the civil engineering activities. The company was established in February of 1934. The company was previously known as Nippon Hodo Co., Ltd. Nippo Corporation has registered business office based in Tokyo,(…)


MONARCH DEVELOPMENT CORP Previous company name Name change date Company Overview It is a private limited company primarily engaged in the real estate business. The company is involved in the development and sale of real estate properties. Incorporated in 1954, the company has a registered office located in North York in Ontario, Canada. The company(…)


ECHELON CORP Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Echelon Corporation, founded in 1988, is a publicly quoted company which is engaged in the development, marketing, and support of hardware and software products and services that enable original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators to design and implement open, interoperable, distributed control networks. Headquartered in(…)


CHINA MASS MEDIA CORP Previous company name CHINA MASS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING CORP. Name change date 4/9/2009 Company Overview The company primarily offers advertising services in the People’s Republic of China. With registered office located in Xicheng, China, the company was incorporated under the laws of Cayman Islands in November 2007 as a company with(…)

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