VERIDIEN CORPORATION Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Veridien Corporation is a health care company that develops, manufactures, distributes surface disinfectants, antiseptics hand cleansers, instrument presoak, sun protectant, insect repellent, and sterilants in the United States and Canada. The company is headquartered in Largo, Florida, United States and publicly traded on the NASDAQ(…)


PPL ELECTRIC UTILITIES CORPORATION Previous company name Name change date Company Overview PPL Electric Utilities Corporation is an American private electric energy company that serves the communities of Pennsylvania. The company was incorporated in 1920. Its headquarters is based in Allentown. PPL Electric Utilities Corp. owns facilities that are used in transmitting electric energy in(…)


MELLON FINANCIAL CORPORATION Previous company name Mellon Bank Corporation Name change date Company Overview The company, with registered office address in PITTSBURGH, is a US-based firm engaged in the financial industry. The business is also known as Mellon Bank Corporation. It was incorporated in January of the year 1972 as a private company. The firm(…)


SANDSTON CORPORATION Previous company name NEMATRON CORPORATION Name change date 3/31/2004 Company Overview Sandston Corporation, with headquarters located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is a public shell company that seeks to acquire and/or invest in, and operate strategically positioned companies. Incorporated in 1983, the company is previously engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of factory(…)


ILLINI CORPORATION Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Illini Corporation, with registered business office in Springfield, Illinois, is a holding company for Illini Bank, a financial institution engaged in providing a full line of banking and financial solutions to both personal and business clients. This holding company exercises control over its subsidiary, and(…)


MANDO CORPORATION Previous company name Name change date Company Overview It is a private limited company primarily engaged in the manufacture and trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories. Mando Corporation was incorporated in December of 1999. The company has a registered office located in Seoul, Korea. The company is involved in manufacturing and marketing(…)

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