JAROBORANIR HF Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The privately held company is the largest company in the world specializing in the acquisition of geothermal energy. It has its registered head office located in Kapavogi, Iceland. The company is a leading high technical firm in the field of high temperature geothermal drilling and(…)

365 HF.

365 HF. Previous company name DAGSBRUN HF. Name change date 11/20/2006 Company Overview 365 hf. is a publicly quoted holding company that handles group finance and general strategy. The company is active within the telecommunications industry, providing independent communication, broadcasting and entertainment products, and production. It has its corporate headquarters stationed in Reykjavнk, Iceland. Incorporated(…)


KOGUN HF Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Kцgun hf, the parent company of the Kцgun group, is Iceland’s largest corporate entity in the field of information technology. Since its foundation in 1988, the company has grown as one of Iceland’s most valued systems and software engineering companies. In addition to the central(…)


NYHERJA HF Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Nyherja hf is a publicly quoted company which is primarily engaged in the computer programming, data processing, and other computer related services. The company has its registered business office in Reykjavik, Iceland. The company was established in 1992 through the merger of IBM Iceland hf.(…)


ACTAVIS GROUP HF Previous company name PHARMACO HF Name change date 5/17/2004 Company Overview Actavis Group hf (formerly known as Pharmaco hf until May of 2004) is a publicly traded company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. It produces and markets generic pharmaceutical goods, ranging from tablets and capsules, injectables, infusions, suppositories,(…)


VATRYGGINGAFELAG ISLANDS HF Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Vatryggingafelag Islands Hf. (VIS) is a private company engaged in the provision of a broad range of insurance products to individuals, families, companies, institutions and municipalities in Iceland. The company was established in February 1989 through the merger of Brunabotafelag Islands (The Icelandic Fire(…)

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