NIBC BANK NV Previous company name NIB Capital Bank NV Name change date Company Overview NIBC Bank N.V. is a merchant bank that specializes in offering corporate finance, risk management and investment management solutions to corporations, financial institutions, institutional investors, financial sponsors and family offices. The bank was established in 1945 as Maatschappij tot Financiering(…)


ACCENTIS NV Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Accentis NV is a holding company, through its subsidiaries, active in the construction sector with general contracting, construction supplies, project development and real estate in Benelux, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Poland. Its registered business address is located in Merelbeke, Belgium. Accentis project development is(…)


EXMAR NV Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Business Summary The Compny specializes in liquefied gas transportation. Net sales break down by activity as follows: – transportation of liquefied petroleum gases (60.1%): primarily butane, propane, and ammonia; – liquefied natural gas transportation (16.2%); – offshore services (11.1%): design, engineering, construction and management of(…)


EDON NV Previous company name IJSSELMIJ ENERGIEBEDRIJF NV Name change date Company Overview The company is a privately held entity based in the Netherlands that is engaged in the provision of electric services. The registered business office of the company is located in Am Zwolle, Netherlands. The company is principally involved in generating, transmitting, and(…)


VASTNED OFFICES/INDUSTRIAL NV Previous company name VASTE WAARDEN NEDERLAND NV Name change date 1/1/1995 Company Overview VastNed Offices/Industrial NV, with registered principal place of business in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is engaged as an investment company in small and medium-sized commercial real estate properties. The company was established in 1984 as Vaste Waarden Nederland NV and it(…)


KARDAN N.V. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Kardan N.V. is a Dutch publicly quoted company engaged in developing, managing and realizing the value of its investments and activities in the markets in which it is present. The company is active in the following sectors: (core business) real estate, financial services, and infrastructure;(…)

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