REDROW PLC Previous company name REDROW GROUP PLC Name change date 10/16/2000 Company Overview Redrow PLC, with headquarters in St. David’s Park, is one of the UK’s largest housebuilders company. The company is a multi faceted national group with interests in private UK’s housebuilding and commercial developments. The company was established as a small civil(…)


LAWRENCE (WALTER) PLC Previous company name Name change date Company Overview The company is a UK-based holding firm whose subsidiaries are active in general construction of buildings and civil engineering works. The company is also active in holding the securities of companies and enterprises to own a controlling interest. In addition, the company operates as(…)


TARGET RESOURCES PLC Previous company name TARGET RESOURCES LIMITED Name change date 11/7/2005 Company Overview Target Resources PLC is a private company engaged in alluvial diamond mining and exploration in Sierra Leone. The company was incorporated in September 2005. It was formerly known as Target Resources Limited which lasted in November 2005. The registered head(…)


ALTONA ENERGY PLC Previous company name ALTONA RESOURCES PLC Name change date 12/22/2008 Company Overview Altona Resources Plc is engaged in the development and evaluation of coal mining projects, whose operation focuses on three major coal deposits in the northern portion of the Permian Arckaringa Basin of South Australia. The company is also engaged in(…)


FORESIGHT 3 VCT PLC Previous company name ADVENT VCT PLC Name change date 8/2/2004 Company Overview The company, formerly known as Advent VCT PLC, primarily operates as a venture capital trust focused in investments in unquoted technology-based companies in the United Kingdom. It is a publicly quoted firm, which was incorporated in 1995 and has(…)


ANTONOV PLC Previous company name ARTENAY LIMITED Name change date 4/24/1995 Company Overview Antonov PLC is a United Kingdom-based manufacturing company engaged in the development and commercialization of automatic transmission concept for use in all forms of vehicles. Antonov was founded in 1990 to exploit the driveline inventions of Roumen Antonov. The company’s Antonov Automatic(…)

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