FIN. PART SPA Previous company name FINARTE S.P.A. Name change date 11/1996 Company Overview The company, formerly known as Finarte S.p.A., is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of apparel and textiles in Italy. It was incorporated in April 1959 and has its head office located in Milan, Italy. The company, together with its subsidiaries,(…)


AMPLIFON S.P.A. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Amplifon S.P.A. with headquarters in Milan, Italy, is an operating holding company of the world’s leading hearing instruments distribution, fitting and customization Group, which is engaged in the production and distribution of hearing and biomedical devices. It was incorporated in 1981. Amplifon Group is the(…)


CALEFFI – S.P.A. Previous company name Name change date Company Overview Caleffi – S.P.A., with registered business address in 24, Via Belfiore, Viadana, Italy, is a publicly quoted company engaged in the design and manufacturing of textile items for the household, hotels, and restaurants. The company’s product range comprises bed linen, nightwear, tablecloths and toweling;(…)


EDISON S.P.A. (OLD) Previous company name MONTEDISON S.P.A. Name change date 5/1/2002 Company Overview Business Summary Edison Spa is a diversified multinational group, created by the incorporation of Edison, Sondel and Fiat Energia in Montedison in May 2002. The Group is a key player in the Italian energy sector; it is the only group to(…)

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