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This privately-owned company, also known as Twiga Cement, is engaged in the manufacture and supply of Portland cement. The company was established by Cementia Holdings AG of Switzerland in 1959. It has its registered office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Its quarries and cement factory are located at Wazo Hill in Dar es Salaam.
The company remains the market leader in the cement industry in Tanzania. It manufactures two brands of cement, strictly conforming to the latest standards issued by Tanzania Bureau of Standards –the Twiga Ordinary and the Twiga Extra. Twiga Ordinary has slightly higher strength than Twiga Extra, which is a composite cement with pure limestone. The company distributes cement in four packaging options: cement bags (size 50cm x 61cm x 11.5cm) of 50 kilograms net, 1.5-ton packaging which is largely preferred by building contractors and is made on prior-arrangement as it needs special equipment to offload from truck, bulk cement with capacities of 20 to 30 tons, and cement bags of 1.5 to 2.0 metric tons.
The company sells its products through a network of distribution partners in 19 locations. These include Nayan Enterprises, Gondo Enterprises Ltd., Naikaiyoo Investment Ltd., CKT Enterprises, S.R. Enterprises, V.G.K. Company Ltd., Kombe Building Materials, Dar es Salaam Lumbers, Mode Hardware and Mputo Stores in Dar es Salaam; Samks Traders Ltd. in Kigoma; S.A & Sons Trading and Omar Awadh Enterprises in Morogoro; Kaizari General Supplies and H.M.H. Gulamali in Dodoma; Juma Motors Transport in Isaka; Mwanza Huduma Ltd. in Mwanza; Go On Investment Ltd. in Lindi; and Zenj General Merchandise in Zanzibar.
Business Summary
The Company objective is manufacturing, selling and distribution of high quality construction cement
Description and history
The Company is mainly engaged in manufacturing and saling of cement
The Company was established by Cementia Holdings AG of Switzerland in 1959.
In 1962, Cementia Holdings AG in collaboration with Tanganyika Development Company (now Tanzania Development Corporation) started to build the cement factory at Wazo Hill in Dar es Salaam. The Government of Tanzania owned 20% of the company shares. Construction of the factory was completed in mid 1966 and the first bag of cement produced in Tanzania came out of the factory at Wazo Hill.

In 1967, the government increased its shares in TPCC from 20% to 50% and in 1973, the company was nationalized, the government increased its shares to 100%. In 1992, the government entered into a joint venture with two foreign companies i.e. Scancem International ANS (13%) and Swedfund International AB (13%) while, the government retained 74% of the shares.

Established by Cementia Holdings AG of Switzerland

Business Line
Engaged in the manufacture and supply of Portland cement

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PO Box 1950

City province or state postal code
Phone: +255 22 2630130
Fax: +255 22 2630139
Website url: www.twigacement.com

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